Domestic scrap prices continue to rise, the prices of raw paper and cardboard have been partially raised
As the May Day holiday gradually ends, Nine Dragons Paper's preferential policies will soon be cancelled, and the raw paper and cardboard markets will also undergo changes. It is reported that the price of raw paper in some parts of the north has increased by 50/ton, and the price of paperboard in southern provinces and cities such as Jiangsu and Hunan has increased slightly by 2% to 5%.

Shandong Meijie Paper Co., Ltd.

From May 4, the price of corrugated paper/tube paper will be increased by 50/ton on the original basis.

Yizheng Meiyou Paper Co., Ltd.

From May 3, 2021, cardboard and cartons will be increased by 5% from the original price.

Liling Xiangxie Paper Export Packaging Co., Ltd.

Starting at 8 am on May 5th, it will increase by 2% on the basis of the existing discount.

At the most upstream waste paper end of the industry chain, during the May 1st holiday, national waste prices continued to rise, and various paper companies generally raised 20-50/ton. Take May 5th as an example. On that day, nearly 30 paper companies raised the purchase price of national waste. The number of paper mills in East China that increased their prices was the largest, including Taicang Nine Dragons, Jiujiang Liwen, Zhangzhou Liansheng and other well-known paper mills.

Judging from current expectations, after the May 1st holiday, the national waste and raw paper and cardboard markets may see a steady upward adjustment, but it is difficult to cause greater growth across the country. At the same time, the price trends of Nine Dragons Paper will also influence the overall market changes to a certain extent. Packaging companies are advised to pay close attention to it.

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